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Why Outsource

Outsourcing is common modern practice for all medical billing needs.

  *  Saves time, and time is money. Medical billing is an immense task. When you outsource to HPMA you take the large burden off your shoulders and allow us to take care of your Tribal medical billing needs.

  *  Saves resources. Your staff may have too many daily tasks to stay current with constant insurance changes. HPMA has the expertise to maneuver and deal with these updates and changes

  *  Reduces rejected claims. A great deal of rejected claims happened due to simple billing errors and coding. HPMA will utilize our experience and knowledge of Tribal medical billing to reduce or eliminate unnecessary rejected claims.

  *  Provides added security. Most cases of fraud come from within a company. If you outsource your medical billing, you'll have an outside eye looking at your finances and providing checks and balances that you and your staff might not have the time or ability to provide. If there are inconsistencies in your finances, a medical billing company will have a good chance of spotting them.

  *  Get your money faster. Tribal health programs with limited resources may not have means to designate the necessary staff to concentrate revenue cycle management resulting in accounts receivable balances to increase.

  *  Improves your Tribe's business. HPMA can save time, allow reallocation of resources, reduce claims frustrations, and bring timely reimbursements for services rendered to your Tribal Health Programs.

  *  Maximize reimbursement. Credentialing providers for your Tribal Health Programs will maximize the reimbursement from third party insurances.

Meet our Senior
Management Team

Julie Hope
Healthcare Industry Expert
Over 30 years experience

Kristen Garcia
Senior Consultant
Business Office Director
Certified Epic Trainer
Specializes in Revenue Cycle Management

Dan Rivera
Senior Consultant
Informatics Director
Dan has been working in the health industry for decades. He is our Tribal Health Specialist

Missi Dubuque
Certified Professional Coder

Tanina Ackerson
Compliance Specialist and a Certified PQRS Specialist

Rachel Naidu
Credentialing Department Manager

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